Kesterson’s Top 10: March 2017

February has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and I don’t know about you, but I am so excited for March! One step closer to spring break, am I right? One other thing to be happy about too is a new Top Ten countdown with incredible music that I also cannot wait to spring into! Be sure to tune in as all of these songs, and other Top 100 hits, continuously play on the award-winning radio station,!

Ed Sheeran has done it again folks, and coming in at number 10 on my countdown is “How Would You Feel (Paean)”, his third, promotional single. The release of his Divide album is nearly here, and set to be available everywhere Friday, March 3rd! Definitely an album to check out, as Ed Sheeran has proven time and time again to be an artist worth listening to. “How Would You Feel (Paean)” is an incredibly beautiful, acoustic song that inquires how Ed’s love interest would feel if he told her he loved her. We can’t help but hold our breath as his sweet lyrics touch the softest, mushiest parts of our hearts. He also tells of sitting in parked cars and planning to spend his life falling deeper in love with this mysterious girl. Guided by the piano and guitar, this single is much more laid-back than “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill”, but no less inspiring. In fact, I bet my bottom dollar that this song will make its rounds as a popular wedding tune for married couples in the months and years to come. On that note, the dictionary definition of the new word (in my vocabulary) “Paean” means “a song of praise or triumph”. Well Ed, you definitely nailed this Paean, and we will all be spending our lives falling deeper in love with your songwriting.

Speaking of love, another incredible songwriter that speaks to our deepest desires for romance, is Lana Del Rey, landing at number 9. This smooth, bluesy bombshell of a singer recently released her single, “Love”, and since then has gotten over 20 million views on YouTube. Lana manages to retain her same calming sound, but this time not over lost love. In fact, this song reassures that everything will be alright as love always wins. Originally titled “Young & In Love”, she also speaks of being just that, as the youth of these days are exposed to lots of things bound to “make you go crazy, crazy, crazy”. Another thing to commend is the fantastic music video that reached that whopping 20 million views, as it symbolizes the uncontrollable nature of life. Old-fashioned cars (and the teenage couples inside of them) are spinning in zero-gravity outer space, landing on a foreign planet, and loving every second of being young and in love.

Love is one powerful drug. But that is nothing compared to whatever was slipped in Adam Levine’s drink in his “Cold” music video coming in at number 8 on the countdown. As said R-rated music video shows, Adam is going to Future’s house to listen to his verse on the actual single, and once there, the bartender slips a strange red dye in his drink. This drug sends Adam on an insane acid trip (it actually made me feel a little drugged watching it), from seeing band members of Maroon 5 in various, strange forms getting physical with drug-induced fantasies, to a distortion of the world around him in ways I’ve never imagined. Unfortunately, the video has nothing to do with the lyrics. This exhilarating song painfully questions why his love is being so cold and distant to him, when he’s not even sure why. “Distant when we’re kissin'” and “I just don’t know you anymore” are just a few of the lines that mark the loneliness he’s feeling from his significant other. We can all relate to this issue, Adam, but drugs are never the answer. Don’t do drugs, kids.

Popping up at number 7 is “Issues” by Julia Michaels. A new singer, but definitely not a new name in the music industry, Julia Michaels has written countless songs for artists from Fifth Harmony to Justin Bieber, to even Britney Spears! Her incredible songwriting has proven to be her forte since age 16, but now, at age 23, she has created a song that felt so much like herself she “couldn’t picture anyone else singing it”. Her raspy, yet strong, voice proves to be sexy, intriguing, and most of all, undeniably in love. She speaks of having her own issues, from being jealous to over-zealous, but her standout issue is how bad she needs her love interest. Nevertheless, her S/O has them too and they have the kind of love to solve their problems, she remarks. So without hesitation, she encourages for them to share their issues and embrace each other as they are. That’s what I call a relationship.

Celebrating at number 6 is Post Malone’s second Top 40 hit, “Congratulations”. All about celebrating his success as a hip-hop artist, Post Malone claims he “works so hard forgot how to vacation”. I sure as heck haven’t forgotten how to vacation (spring break, where you at?), but congratulations to Post Malone on making it big. The heavy trap beat and energetic sound make for a great song to play when you’re feeling really good about your accomplishments, and hopefully, making good choices this upcoming spring break!

Past the halfway mark of this countdown, I guess we’ve hit the hump of the hill and it’ll all go downhill from here. Musically, quite the opposite though. Coming down to number 5 in the countdown is “Down” by Marian Hill. There is no better way to get down than with an unexpected beat drop. The simple, smooth, slowed-down vocals accompanied by simple, smooth, slowed-down piano keys are a surprising contrast to the beat that comes in with an energetic quirk. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard this song, as the YouTube channel The Sound You Need that showcases various songs that I apparently need, chose this song nearly a year ago. Though no new song, it is blowing up the Billboards and the radio stations. This is especially after being featured on an Apple commercial for the iPhone 7 with artist Lil Buck enthusiastically gravity dancing in the streets.

Curving in at number 4 on the countdown is “Body Like A Back Road” by Sam Hunt. This country singer beams at knowing all the curves of his girl like the back of his hand. He’s taking his time, “driving 15 in a 30”, and we’re all swaying along with him. This lazy, laid-back song reached the number 1 spot on the Country Billboards chart, landing Sam Hunt his next big song after “Make You Miss Me”. Perfect for cruising with the windows down in the summertime, as most twangy country songs are, make sure you’re going a safe speed limit while listening to “Body Like A Back Road” and buckle up for these next three songs!

Boys, if you’re reading this, you better hold onto your girlfriends, because Bruno Mars is coming in at number 3 with “That’s What I Like”. This funky, “new jack swing”, R&B hit is Bruno’s second single from his newest album 24K Magic. He talks about champagne on ice, diamonds, and silk sheets all white, and doing all the same things his girl likes because well, he likes it too. His charm and sheer talent has tied him up with my girl, Rihanna, for the most songs peaking in the top five this decade. Bruno performed “That’s What I Like” at the 2017 Grammy’s, and lemme tell you, he serenaded the entire audience and quite frankly sounded even better than the recording! Now that is what I like!

We’re nearly there and honestly, this next song is something I never thought I needed. Exploding with vibrant colors and an awesome beat drop, flying in at number 2 on the countdown is “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay and The Chainsmokers. Now, if anyone knows me personally, I am a HUGE fan of Coldplay, and I have been since I was a little girl dancing around my living room with my mom. So to hear such an incredible song with the up-and-coming DJ duo, The Chainsmokers, it makes me explosively happy and wanting to dance around with glee! Now, the reason I’ve been using the word ‘explosive’ is because of the magnificence that was their performance at the 2017 Brit Awards. The entire crowd was screaming, there were lots of colors, and Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin, even went into the crowd to jump along with them! Lyrically, this song talks of wanting a simple love. Not a simple, boring love, or a superhero with superhuman gifts, but having someone to turn to, kiss and miss. Awww.

Last but certainly not least, and coming in at number 1 for the Top Ten countdown of March, is “Chained To The Rhythm” by Katy Perry, featuring Skip Marley. Yes, before we continue on, Skip Marley, is the grandson of the infamous Bob Marley. This disco song with electric guitar and synthesizers is the perfect dancehall tune written by Katy Perry and Sia Furler (Sia). This song is also exploding, but with charged political meaning. The vibrancy seen in the music video tells of an amusement park called “Oblivia” filled with wondrous rides and zombie-like crowds following the arrows, engaging in the amusement, and oblivious to what is going on around them. The symbol she has been using throughout her promotions and the amusement park itself is a hamster, which typically runs on a wheel going nowhere, being fed by its owner, and content with the bubble it’s living in. Deep, I know. Set in the future, but pertaining to similar “American Dream” ideals, Katy is obviously trying to tell us to wake up and smell the roses! Or in other words, to wake up and become more politically involved in order to make a change. Her performance at the 2017 Grammy’s was very well done, with a moving set and awesome air jumps. But to finish it all up, she screened the U.S. Constitution as well as saying “No hate”, making us all certain of who she was pointing her fingers at. Regardless of the political tension, Katy has done it again with yet another fantastic single and I can honestly say I am chained to this rhythm!

Hopefully you can agree that this month kicked some serious single butt! We admitted our love with Ed Sheeran, felt young and in love with Lana Del Rey, sensed the colder temperatures of love with Maroon 5, and unconditional love with Julia Michaels. All the love in these epic songs deserves some congratulations with Post Malone, and getting down to the beat with Marian Hill. Then, we can slow it down with Sam Hunt, and enjoy the finer things in life with Bruno Mars. Something just like this can be found on, and I’m pretty sure it’ll get you chained to the rhythm of our Top 100, award-winning station! (See what I did there?) Be sure to check back next month for the Top Ten countdown of April, as your favorite artists make it to the charts!

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