Kesterson’s Top Ten: February 2017

The month of February is here and in full swing with a new Top Ten countdown from yours truly. Black History month, Valentine’s Day, and it being the shortest month of them all – February is pretty special, and so are these songs that have been blowing up the charts! Check ’em out as they play on!

Starting with number 10, a song that has definitely had enough of the wrong kind of love, is “Guys My Age” by Hey Violet. The main singer angrily vents about dating young, immature guys that don’t know how to treat her. All that he wants to do is smoke weed with his friends, and she is OVER IT! So, she’s moving on to someone older, more mature, and who can treat her like a woman. This band consists of two guys and three girls, something I haven’t seen too often, and was actually formed when most of the members were still in middle school! They’ve come a long way, from being named Cherri Bomb in 2008, and are now working their way up the Billboards with their first single. It’s edgy, with a pop punk sound and Rena Lovelis’ pouty voice makes it a song to crank up when you’re fed up with boys.

Moving on to number 9, “Make Me (Cry)” by Noah Cyrus featuring Labrinth, is another song about being fed up but in an emotionally torn sort of way. Noah and Labrinth take their turns lamenting about needing that one person, but that person is causing them more pain than they should have to deal with. Sage advice coming from a 16-year old girl who happens to be Miley Cyrus’ younger sister. Her gut-wrenching vocals and slowed down pop sound are extremely impressive and we can all look forward to her album NC-17 coming out later this year. Perhaps Noah will follow in her sister’s footsteps, or perhaps she will follow a trail of her own. Regardless, we have yet another talent from the Cyrus family in our midst.

Loosening up with number 8 and jumpin’ out the Rari is “Party” by Chris Brown, featuring Gucci Mane and Usher. This song is exactly what it sounds like – a party! All about the girls, the dancing, how rich and cool these artists are, this song is the perfect tune to turn on as you turn up. Chris Brown’s debut single is a sneak peek of his 8th upcoming album Heartbreak on a Full Moon.

Coming in at number 7 is another chart-topping single from Migos called “T-Shirt”. Their second highest-charting song is deliberate and daunting, much like their success as a group. This trio has given us a lot of the contemporary culture we see now in Hip-Hop, from the dab, to “Bad and Boujee”, to even being called the new Beatles before “Black Beatles”. With the synthesizer slowing it down, and the lyrics sharply interjecting the meaning, this song is perfect for their album Culture as it embodies all that is Migos and the culture they are creating today.

Rocking in at number 6 comes a new song from Clean Bandit, “Rockabye” featuring Sean Paul and British singer, Anne-Marie. This upbeat, yet troubled song is about single mothers doing all they can to provide for their babies. In the music video, the main woman works by the water as a stripper/pole-dancer and, despite the jeering looks from drunk, raunchy men, she continues to do it to provide for her son who means the world to her. All moms can connect with this song on some level, whether they truly do have a terrible job in order to provide for their child, or whether it’s their unconditional love for their baby. “Rockabye” has the perfect tropical sound showcasing Sean Paul’s second song currently on the charts, and Anne-Marie’s first.

Number 5 on the countdown is another poetic song about unconditional love, and is beautifully sung by X-Factor act, James Arthur, with “Say You Won’t Let Go”. Until he’s grey and old is how long he wants to hold onto his love, and boy, the tears come streamin’ thinking about it. His sweet, acoustic single is beautiful, raw, poetic, and everything the perfect love song should be. As we recently celebrated Valentine’s Day and all the love around us, this song’s music video not only shows romantic love, but family love, love of your newborn child, and even your dog. It importantly shows the people in life that matter, and who you need to hold onto and love while you can.

But those people who only bring you hurt, as discussed before, are best to run away from no matter how hard it is. Running in at number 4 is the song “Better Man” by Little Big Town. Written by Taylor Swift, this song talks of wishing the love interest was a better man or maybe they’d still be in love. Taylor was influenced by a breakup (with who, I’m not sure), and this song was planned to have a smooth harmony, so Taylor sent it to Little Big Town and we’re all pretty glad she did. The chorus is swooning, reminiscent, and sad, but dignified in the decision of breaking free from a toxic love. This empowering song is perfect for when you need a reality check on that person who just won’t treat you right.

Staying with someone won’t be doing yourself any favors, and Big Sean and Eminem definitely don’t need any with their controversial hit “No Favors” coming in at number 3. Bringing in a rap legend was a very smart move for Big Sean to do, and Eminem spews out brilliant, but repulsive, lyrics. Eminem goes as far to shout out “Trump’s a b*tch!” and threatens to take down his company with no hesitation whatsoever. Scary and political, but his point is mostly made on still being on the top even though he’s older than everyone else, and for murdering Jamie Lee Curtis….?? Oookay. Big Sean also talks about God being his therapist, and basically not needing anyone’s help, even though his album I Decided. is stock-full of other amazing artistsThe deliriously in-and-out tune of this rap makes for an easy-to-bob-along song for when you’re feeling like you don’t need any favors from anyone. Hmph.

Another indignant song, about not needing any favors from your parents and escaping to the City of Love, comes in at number 2 as “Paris” by The Chainsmokers. All about nostalgia, being young, and living life on the edge, this song screams romance and carefree days driving with the windows down. The Chainsmokers has done it again with another hit song, but “Paris” is more of a lowkey tune with no real drop. Nevertheless, The Chainsmokers have proven themselves to be a powerful DJ duo, and I am loving their creations that make us believe in living wild and free.

Last things last, proudly standing at the top of the charts at number 1 for the month of February is “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. This energetic, powerful song is not only an awesome single, but the theme song for the new Nintendo Switch game console. The lyrics delve into the pain this artist may or may not have been autobiographically feeling, but how much he learned from the pain about himself, and therefore became stronger. Also sticking true to his integrity as a member of the band Imagine Dragons, he says what he’s feeling in his heart and soul. The artist sings of becoming a believer – whether it’s of God, in himself, or in other people, we may never know. Regardless, this song is an incredibly empowering anthem for getting through the dark, painful times and learning something along the way.

I think we could all learn a little something from this month’s countdown. From heartbreak, to running away from love, to holding onto love, to independence and self-empowerment – it’s all there. The best news of all is that all of these songs are on for you to tune in and listen to! Best wishes this month in February, and be sure to check back in March for a whole new countdown of incredible music by your favorite artists!

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